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Mega Offer £39.99

Mega Offer £39.99

SKU : August_Bank_Holiday_Offer
* Options (Please note Size, Pattern and Microbarbed/Barbess):




4 x packs of hooks (Any of your Choice)

2 x Tranzlusion Fluorocarbon Leaders or Tungsten Tubing 

1 x packs of Leadclips with tails (Any colour Including the NEW Trans Green)

1 x Tungsten Putty ( Any Colour)

1 x Quick Change Swivels

1 x Anti Tangle Sleeves ( Any colour) 

1 x Bait Screws (Plastic or Metal)

1 x Ring Swivels size 8

1 x Micro Ring Swivels

1 x O or Oval Rings

1 x Shrink tubing or Rig Alingers 

1 x Tungsten Naked Chod Kit



All this for ONLY £39.99 Normally £59.99!!