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A recent trip to my local club water resulted in 3 fish landed and 2 fish lost. 

We all hate that feeling, you have an absolute screaming run and you are buzzing straight away only to lift into the fish that shakes the hook before you even get to play it. Devastating some might say.

Never the less you get your rod back out on the spot and bait the area up before the wait begins again. 

At half past 7 on Saturday evening i was all set up relaxing tying some rigs and meshing some of my S7 pop ups, when out of nowhere my right hand rod absolutely melted off... at first i thought i was into one of the smaller of the lakes residents, however it soon became apparent that i wasn't. Catching a glimpse of what looked like one of the few remaining originals left in the lagoon lake on the complex, my knees started to shake. 

Having dumped the lead the fish was on the surface all the way in. A flick off of the dorsal made the battle a little nerve racking but i finally netted this beautiful 29lb warrior.
After a couple of txts later i found out that this beauty is as i thought one of the original commons stocked back nearly 33 years ago. 

Its safe to say getting the rod back out on the spot and rebaiting i was feeling very confident of another bite as there was still fish fizzing all over the spot. Blatantly loving the s7.

A middle of the night run resulting in a 15lb scaley showed that they truly could not stop themselves munching on the bed of freebies that had been put out. 

So waking up at 5am Sunday morning feeling fresh my confidence was still booming. After a morning coffee and a good look out over the lake it was clear that the fish had moved off. That said i decided to get some bait out and try to get the spot rocking again. 

With no action for most of the morning i decided to rest the swim for an hour or so and go for a walk about to see if i could find any signs of fish. Knowing the lake i was confident that with abit of bait the fish would patrol past and have a feed as this was a usual patrol area. Still walking around i was finding no signs of any feeding so i returned to my spot and got some more bait in. Giving it a good half hour after baiting up i refreshed the rigs and put the rods back out. 

With my better half arriving to the lake to chill out for the afternoon i was hoping that i could catch one for her to see her first carp from the complex. 

Within a short period of time of being sat in the bivvy the right hand rod was away again and i was into what seemed like a decent fish. Putting up a little bit of a fight and taking me into the reeds the fish soon lost its battle as my Mrs slipped the net under her first carp. What a job she did i must say. It wasn't quite as big as first thought but a nice 18lb 4oz mirror. 

With the session moving into its last evening i was oozing confidence. 

That was the 3 fish landed. 

Come 6 pm i had lost one and still had fish in the area. Sitting down to have a little bit of a social i had soon lost another to a hook pull. 

All in all packing up the next morning i was still a very happy angler. First impressions of the s7..... ill be using it for a long time!

All fish were caught using s7 freebies with a pop up sst on an iq rig. Iq rig made up of deceptio angling chod link and a size 4 D-Xcurve topped with a lump of putty to settle the pop up.