Due to family and work commitments bank time is very precious and we have to make the most of our short sessions which tend to be done last minute. This means our gear is always ready to go unless we get an opportunity to grab a 24hr or 48 hr session.  Lots of anglers out there tend to shy away from busy day ticket venues, but for me and Lexie we have had a great couple of months for putting some decent carp on the bank and having our usual banter and laughs along the way. Between the both of us we banked over 40 carp from day ticket venues in Lincolnshire up to 18lb in the last 5 sessions.


It’s not always about the biggest carp for us both although it’s great to put a lump on the bank. For Lexie and me it’s great to share quality time together and appreciate some of the other stuff that we consider part of angling such as wildlife, making new friends and helping others should they want the help.


My highlight over the last couple of months was to drive almost 4 hrs to meet an old friend at Farlows lakes where I got to experience an awesome day ticket venue. When I arrived there were only 3 swims available and after being there a couple of hours all swims were taken during my session. It took almost four hours to find any spots that didn’t have 4 ft Canadian pond weed and with a lot of help from some local knowledge on the second day found a silty area just beyond a weed bed at 15 wraps and baited with chops and pellet. A pva bag was my preferred method with a size 4 curve and 3 inch hook link attached to a drop off in line pear lead as I wanted to be confident that my presentation would be good. I wasn’t on the carp, no swims to move into but still had the obligatory bream and a tench in the early hours.   This was the busiest  day ticket venue I have ever been to but looking at the pics you would have no idea its next to a manic motorway (M25) An amazing place that I will be going back and taking Lexie with me.

The last week in May didn’t end so great with a shoulder injury taking me off the bank for two weeks and having to cancel a session with Lexie as I was unable to drive.  After a couple of weeks rest I manage to get out for a morning and headed off with enough kit and bait just for a short session. When I arrived at the venue 5.30am I was first there so moved quickly and baited four margin spots as I could not see any signs of the carp, I then got my rods sorted and gear so I could stay mobile. Whilst watching the spots which I had put a handful of A2 creamy Toffee chops on 2 more anglers arrived and set straight up on swims where I had baited the margins. I moved back to the first spot I had baited and saw the reeds twitching about and new there were carp there. I attached my rig and quietly lowered onto the spot a size 6 curve with a wafter tied KD style and a small mesh bag of crumb. I didn’t have to wait long before it was away slipping the net under a mid double zip. Whilst my capture rested in the net I put another handful of chops in, re rigged my rod and dropped it back onto the spot in the margin no more than a rod length from my feet. I had just finished a self take and was slipping the carp back from a swim down from where I was so not to disturb my spot and off the rod went again with another mid double. The session ended up with 5 carp in 4 hours all from margin spots under my feet the lowest being 13lb and the biggest 16lb 03oz.


Our second session  was a day in Elsham a venue which Lexie likes to fish and knows most of the spots to trip one or two up.  This session the lake was full except two swims at opposite ends of the lake so we decided to fish just one swim. On seeing one show itself in the middle of the lake in front of us Lexie cast out a solid bag and eagerly waited to see the bobbin rise. On this occasion there was only 1 carp out all day and nothing showed itself since the one we had seen earlier on in the session.


The 3rd session  was an 18hr session at Caistor Lakes in Lincolnshire. We managed to get into two swims at the end of the lake where carp where showing and the wind was pushing into. Lexie chose to fish to within a foot of a margin to her left and her second rod just 15 yards straight in front where she had seen carp showing. I placed my rigs to my right margin and the second rod the same as Lexie straight out at short distance. All spots got a good helping of A2 CT boillie and we settled down for a sarnie and the hoped for a quick take. Lexie didn’t have to wait long before a baby mirror took a liking to her CT wafter, she was off the mark. She sorted out her rod with another solid bag and back out it went onto the margin spot. Away it went again this time a Tench the first Lexie had ever caught. A few hours passed the light faded away to darkness and we got into our bags for some shut eye. At midnight the receiver sang out and indicated Lexie had a carp on and wasn’t happy. Lexie lifted into the take and after a 5 minute battle slipped the net under a 13lb mirror. Back into the bivvy and I started to wander if my rigs were right as it was now nearly 1am and I hadn’t had much activity. At about 1.30 my receiver finally sang out and another Tench was on the bank, followed by two more over the next hour.  As the hours went by I managed to hook five carp losing a good common at the net but landing the other four, the biggest being 15lb8oz.


Now that the spawning had passed and the carp were back on the much which is great, most of the carp had spawning injuries and marks of some sort or another. These were all treated on the bank to help them heal and prevent any infection setting in. It’s so important that we look after our catches the right way ready for its next picture with another angler.



Until next month Tight lines all

Lexie Loo and Mark